Flight of the Concord


2 oz             Rhine Hall Grappa

¾ oz            Creme de Violette

¾ oz            Lemon Juice


Shake with ice   |   Strain   |   Fill with new ice 




2 oz              Rhine Hall Oak Aged Grappa

1 oz              Coffee Liqueur 

3 dashes      Peychauds Bitters

Stir with ice   |   Strain into new glass   |   Express orange peel



Giuseppi's Sour


1½ oz            Rhine Hall Grappa

1 oz               Lemon Juice

½ oz              Simple Syrup

¾ oz              Egg White (or entire egg white from 1 egg)


Shake with ice   |   Strain into new glass with out ice   


G & G

G & G


1½ oz            Rhine Hall Grappa

3 oz               Ginger Ale

1                    Squeezed Lime Wedge

5 dashes         Vanilla Bitters


Pour ingredients into glass |   Stir|  Garnish with lime wedge