Liquid Confidence: Brandy + Grappa + Bierschnaps= Cocktails

Rhine Hall’s fruit brandies, grappas, and bierschnaps are used by experienced bartenders in Chicago and beyond to create unique and delicious cocktails. This class is for all of us who aren’t master mixologists but want to make great drinks like the pros. Rhine Hall’s spirits are the perfect palette for exploring the art of creating a delicious drink.  Spend an evening learning how to mix Rhine Hall spirits with bitters and mixers, explore flavor pairings to create your own signature drink, and leave with the knowledge and confidence to make balanced cocktails at home for you and your friends. (Class runs 1.5 - 2 hours.)

Our public cocktail classes are $55/person. Private cocktail classes start at $65/person for under 16 people. Any number of people over 16, classes start at $120/person. The minimum for a private class is $300. Please contact Adira at or fill out the form below.

What do you get & what do you learn?

  • Taste through the lineup of all the spirits Rhine Hall offers and learn how they are distilled

  • Explore cocktail-making basics regarding barware and techniques to make great drinks at home

  • Guided, hands-on experience in how to build and create a balanced cocktail

  • Class overview: Receive a “welcome” cocktail to enjoy during a brief tour of our distillery. Then we go through bar basics and cocktail history. We will teach you how to use all standard bar tools and what staples to get for a great home bar. You’ll taste a another craft cocktail during the demonstration portion of the class, then build your own cocktail with the guidance of the instructor and a recipe. For the finale: create your own signature drink for a friendly cocktail competition with fellow classmates. Get ready for a hands-on experience!

  • As an added bonus, receive 10% discount on any bottle or merchandise purchase after class!

Upcoming PUBLIC Classes

Saturday, October 12th at 7:45 pm (SOLD OUT)

COCKTAIL CLASS PART 2 - WITCHCRAFT - Saturday, October 26th at 7:45 pm ($60)

Saturday, November 30th at 7:45 pm

Saturday, December 14th at 7:45 pm


Please provide us with the information below so we can customize your experience!