At Rhine Hall, we focus on fruit brandies, a European-style brandy otherwise known as  eau de vie or schnapps. This means that we start with fresh fruit before we chop, ferment, distill, and bottle our spirits.  Majority of our fruit is sourced from the Great Lakes Region, and no flavorings, sweeteners, or neutral spirits are added to any of our products — each bottle contains roughly 25lbs of fruit and that’s it. This process gives us a product that is not sweet, but embodies the essence of the fruit in both taste and aroma. 

In 2012, Charlie and Jenny Solberg, Father-Daughter team, decided to transition their family’s passion project into a business. Rhine Hall opened its doors on November 1, 2013 with a production facility and tasting room in the heart of Chicago's Kinzie Industrial Corridor.  


We are proud to have the vast majority of our produce sourced locally in the Great Lakes region. All of our waste is collected by Chicago composting company, Resource Center, that employs thousands of jobs in Chicago and provides the soil for the produce in many restaurants around the city. Our tanks were manufactured by Solberg Manufacturing Inc.   

We contribute to a cause we believe in: We support the Alliance for the Great Lakes

Thank You


Rhine Hall would not be what it is constantly evolving to be today with out the help of family & friends.  Thank you for your unconditional support & guidance. A special thanks to: Travis Solberg, Chad Solberg, Sarah Solberg Ludden, Lisa Solberg, Joyce Solberg, Kyle Ludden, + Taylor Katzman.